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2 minutes ago, Stark said:


go 6-8. Throw a TD and I’ll cut you some slack. 

I dare you. 

I mean we are on the verge of going 3-0 since he came back, he won the Steeler game, he mad he managed the Dolphin game very well, today he had a bad first half but is making the throws he needs to make in the second half .  Maybe he should have some slack ? 

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Just now, Vader said:

ironic isn't it?

I am the real Breece Hall fan and you are just a band wagon dude.

I actually advocated for drafting Breece Hall in the 1st or 2nd round. 

Just curious whether you had a position on that? Doesn't look like it. 

Stop acting like Mr. Breece Hall fan boy and misrepresenting. Clearly, my position is especially with a rookie your talent means nada if you can't hold on to the ball. The question wasn't: who is most talented, or who will be better?

it was: through 3 games who is better? And again, I quoted Bill Parcells. You can't be better if yo are RB and fumble in the red zone and lead the league in drops. Not yet. 

So summary: I advocated when it wasn't popular, to draft Breece in the first or second round. Your positions on the player at draft time are non existent. Keep cheerleading though!


Why is this happening while we’re beating the Packers without any help from QB play 

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