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Just now, JiF said:

Do you watch the games and like what he does?

Think he could be a very good safety, but the pick sucked because he's  safety on a team that needs key spots filled-QB, corner, LT, edge pass rusher. The corners and lack of a pass rush are more to blame. But again shows why taking a  safety was nuts. You could get a decent safety later in the draft. Those key spots, not so much.

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5 minutes ago, SayNoToDMC said:

It's true. Unless we get an NFL ready QB like Manning or Luck we'll **** it up. Aaron Rodgers would be working at Enterprise Rent a Car if we where responsible for changing his mechanics and grooming him to play

And he never would've ****ed Olivia Munn.

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1 minute ago, RevisIsland610 said:

Is that all on the safeties? Are our horrible CB's not responsible for a lot of that. Do you remember the bombs over the top that last years secondary gave up with regularity? This year has been a major improvement. 

Huh?  No. There has not been an improvement.  That’s the problem.  Did you see the KC game?  They’ve given up plenty of long balls. They rountinely get beat on 3rd and long.  

ofcourse it’s not all on them but when you double down on safeties and proceed to give up the most passing TDs in the NFL, me thinks that’s probably not good. 


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