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****The Official Broncos @ Jets Gameday Thread****


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Jets win.

Offense begins accent to ranking 25th.

Team ends up with 7-9 record.

Gase stays.

Darnold does not get 5th year option picked up.

Our 1st pick is spent on Surtain Jr. or Caleb Farley.

Douglas makes Gase hire new offensive assistant from Ravens/ KC/ Tennessee and Gase relinquishes play calling duties.

This is the future

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Just closed a MASSIVE sales quarter.

Nothing to do today.

Could start drinking now.

Imagine if our team was exciting to watch, had the right pieces, had the right coach, the right support for a decent QB, maybe a decent QB, Imagine we were 2-1?  Just imagine what could be...someday...somehow...it will happen.

Who can even get excited about this sh*t? Christ this is horrible.

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16 minutes ago, Samtorobby47 said:

Becton won’t play. Crowder most likely. 

All they've said is he won't START, but that he'll be dressed and available "in an emergency". 

I hope you're right and he's held out entirely, as throwing him in there midgame as a panic move would be the height of Jetsy decision-making.  You know its coming if the Jets were to fall behind by 10+ points early in the contest.

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