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The Jets' biggest weakness, per Cimini


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The Jets have an issue here.

Only nine months ago, Douglas stood in front of reporters (in our pre-Zoom days) and declared, "The plan is to create the best culture in sports."

That ambitious goal, delivered at the conclusion of a 7-9 season that was wrongly perceived by the organization as a sign of progress, seems hollow after what has transpired over the past few months.

Don't blame Douglas; he inherited Bell.

Clearly, this doesn't reflect well on Gase, who arrived with a reputation for chafing star players. It happened with the Miami Dolphins, and now it seems to be happening here. Under Gase, they have traded three former first-round picks: Adams, defensive tackle Leonard Williams and linebacker Darron Lee (he deserved to go). The Jets failed to re-sign wide receiver Robby Anderson and now they have jettisoned Bell.

Think about it: The Jets are paying him $6 million (the remaining portion of his fully guaranteed base salary) to play elsewhere.

The idea is to bring talent into the building, not send it away. The idea is to become a place where players want to play, a free-agent destination.

To attract players, the Jets have to overpay, which is what they did with Bell, who chased the money and left behind a comfortable situation in Pittsburgh.

Do the Jets have a right to be upset he didn't live up to his end of the bargain? Absolutely.

Let's be honest: This wasn't the same Bell who starred for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He gained weight last season (he was more than 230 pounds), performed poorly and admittedly became complacent. (Yes, he actually said that!)

The same thing happened with Darrelle Revis 2.0 and Trumaine Johnson, free-agent cornerbacks who came for the money. Bell took it a step further this season by becoming a distraction, as he used social media to criticize Gase. He had a right to be frustrated, but it was gutless to let his thumbs do the talking on Twitter.

So yes, Bell has to share some of the responsibility for the failed relationship, but this wasn't an isolated case, and that's the alarming part. It's a recurring pattern with this Jets organization, which is on the verge of its 10th straight season out of the playoffs.

It needs a culture change, and it probably will start with a new coach. It'll be on Douglas to find a new coaching staff and more talent and a new attitude and ...

There's a lot of work to be done before the Jets can brag about their culture.

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24 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

I'll ask friendly on the behalf of all us Elephant seals to please not associate our sh*t with the NY Jets. Its hurtful. 

Your physique is more reminiscent of a mature Orca.  Certainly fat but its more of a muscle-fat.

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The question has to be asked, how did this happen? While going 6-2 to finish last year may have been an aberration due to a weaker schedule, that still showed that the franchise was better than some of those teams they defeated down the stretch. Were Adams, CJ, and Robby really that instrumental in the team not be atrocious? And you can't even really consider CJ, since he wasn't there for the 6-2 stretch, anyway.

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There are a ton of problems with the Jets; while the talent is weak at best, it isn't keystone cops weak. This team has fallen apart in all aspects. The only person who can mess up offense, defense, special teams, attitude, preparedness and game time decisions is the coach.

However, the biggest weakness - the press and reporters that cover the team? :-)

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