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S Ashtyn Davis and S Sharrod Neasman Are Back Jets Release RB Josh Adams and more Saturday Roster Moves

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51 minutes ago, David Harris said:

Our corners are surprisingly decent. Bryce hall is a player- really happy with him, Echols mostly and MC2

They’ve been the one beam of hope that the CS can actually coach up players on defense - that was the gamble with the plethora of DBs drafted and 2 of them converted to LB from this draft alone - which is what Saleh’s specialty is supposed to be. 

it’s the offense that’s just been abysmal and it consists mostly of veterans who are simply not good enough to the standard when compared to the rest of the league’s talent. 

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4 hours ago, The Crusher said:

Do we even know if he knows the play book yet?

exactly. dont expect much for a week or 2. he only had 3-4 practices.

then on Monday we will have 5 threads about how he is a bust and JD need to get fire for drafting him.


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44 minutes ago, Obrien2Toon said:

Nobody claimed Adams the last time he was waived, right?

the only one that wants him is Jets fans

Ratliff disease

Yeah.  I think he was on the street a couple of day and on our practice squad for a week or two.

2 hours ago, peekskill68 said:

If I'm the Ravens, I'm claiming Josh Adams and returning LeVeon Bell to the practice squad...

Maybe.  Guys that can run, but can't help in pass pro sometimes find jobs when there are injuries.  Sort of like Kalen Ballage getting run with the Chargers after sh*tting the bed with the Jets.  Adams seems to run better than Ballage.

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12 hours ago, Beerfish said:

Lots of RB injury issues in the league for teams so I tend to agree.

Watch him go to the 49ers and light it up.

I think they run the Shanahan system?  It's very running back friendly.  He probably would excell in SF.

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