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Jets wil*l upset** Bucs and pre*vent TB *from #1 seed *on* Sunday** official Gamedread**

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Just now, Jet_Engine1 said:

Are you in the Spectrum? This is your 4th identical post on it. Let it go, Nancy.


And yes, my oldest son is in the spectrum. Obsessive behavior is a hallmark.

I swear, thought you were talking about the Philly Spectrum.  lol

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6 minutes ago, Greenbloodblitz said:

 Willie Colon just said Rich Cimini was cheering on the sidelines when we failed to get the first down on 4th and 2 LOL!!!

Typical Jets beat writers, am I right? 

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6 minutes ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

LaFleur: Rob, we gotta go for it here I think


Saleh: Yup, inside the 10, let's go for it.


LaFleur: Got it, we're gonna call a run


Saleh: Ok buddy! let's get it!


LaFleur: OK Zach, 11 tight, 23 gap Z dive


Saleh: ......


That's how it went. 

Glad you're in the headset lol...

Saleh: Yo buddy, wait on that call, Ref, TO, Hey Mike, you think that's the best call ?

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Awful take.
Echols is a kid.  Picking Brady is a career and life highlight.
And bug biy move by tom signing it .. i tell you. .. i like Brady. **** belichick

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11 minutes ago, sec101row23 said:



That's over complicated BS for "We gave Zach a sh*t play".

I REALLY want to see video of Saleh taking the blame for a single god damnnmother ******* thing this season. ONE video. Please. Someone help me out here. 

Leader of men my left ******* nut. 

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31 minutes ago, CanadienJetsFan said:

I don’t care about the loss.

All I know is that Zach looked like a pro QB today.

ps, our defence sucks, 😆 

Looks like JD will be using at least 5 of our top 7 picks on defense. How could he not.

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1 minute ago, Patriot Killa said:

Just like Bucs 44 Jets 10 


The Bucs knew they were flying into Newark and every one of them contracted Ivermectin poisoning. Antonio Brown was last seen running to Belmont.

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