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Jets wil*l upset** Bucs and pre*vent TB *from #1 seed *on* Sunday** official Gamedread**


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This on the coaching staff

horrible 4th down call and I understand the decision to go but wrong decision


Worst at that point would have OT

but the good thing that came out of this game is they gave TB (Tampa Bay ) all they could handle

coaches need to be better


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Just now, Bugg said:

Will never understand ; this guy's whole career is beating the crap out of soft coverage with miminal pass rush. He hates getting hit. And yet, year after year, the Jets sit back in nickel and dime with no pressure and wonder why they get beat. few times they did beat him, Rex Ryan planted his ass re[peatedly. 


Sadly, teams just do this with Brady. You can't blitz him - he will beat you, but he beats you anyway - might as well go out swinging - especially if you are going to let the receiver get behind you - might as well blitz.

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For everyone ripping on Saleh, guess what?  If he kicks the FG we are going into OT right now.  The Hets were incredibly undermanned by the end of the game.  You needed 2 yards to end the game.  It was the right choice.  When you are the underdog, go for the knockout.  Bad call by LaFluer but it is what it is.  Playing for OT is playing to lose.

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Just now, BroadwayBen said:

I just threw my glass table at my 65 inch TV, shattering both of them. This team has humiliated my entire family. My wife and kids are in tears as 40+ guests clear out of my house. Just threw my jersey into the firepit. I can't do this anymore. Goodbye 


Who are you again?

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