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Just now, Bugg said:

How many more series of  pathetic 3 and outs are Lafleur and Saleh gonne keep pretendingWilson is a real NFL QB? There's a game and division to be won.



The rest of the season. 

They will never bench Wilson for White. It's an admission they made a terrible choice with him. 

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Just now, Anthony Jet said:

He’s bad. He’s running out of time. 
last half of football we watched was not the final mail in the coffin. 
People constantly repeating the same thing no matter what is going on in the game are annoying 

Christ use the block button then if typed criticism bothers you that much 

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Really, Zach’s biggest problem is he just can’t read the field and react.  He has open receivers but by the time he reads that, his hesitation causes them to seal up.  They’re only going to be open for a second or two before the D discovers and covers.  If his read isn’t open, he’s lost and even then misses the checkdown.  Maybe he’ll get over it but a second year QB let alone a 1st round pick should not be still having these problems IMO.  He’s hanging a good D out to dry.




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