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Just now, chirorob said:

Some underlying condition?

It didn't look like that big a collision. 

I'm not making light, this is horrible.

It's like in lacrosse when a shot hits a kid in the heart... This has happened before in lax 

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3 minutes ago, New York Mick said:

Oh sh*t. That’s not good. If they’ve been giving him CPR for 9 minutes. 

I feel like he’s gone . I pray I am wrong …I think ESPN knows it also they just can’t say it …this is F’ing tragic 

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Just now, carlito1171 said:

The stadium cheered as they went back to the ESPN studio but they may not have any idea what's really going on....

I'm praying he makes it through...

Yeah, that caught me off guard.  I'm guessing it's just because he was getting loaded up which often tends to a bit of a better sign once they're ready/willing to move the player, but that may very well not be the case here and obviously no one knows what his condition is.

This is unreal

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