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Zach traded to Denver [merged]

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3 minutes ago, Mr. Rogers said:

Excellent. That pays for ashtyn Davis for the year, a trade I'd gladly make any day.

Surprised JD made this happen, another master class by him on the trade market. Let's hope we get the jekyll JD drafter (2022) and not the hyde (2020/21)

The compensation is about what I figured, but yes the cap savings is a plus. 

The biggest benefit is it’s resolved and over. 

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2 minutes ago, CTJetsFan said:

Have to now think we're taking a QB to develop at some point in this draft

Oh for sure. JD has said as much in press conferences. It's really just a matter of when - with 2 picks in the 4th round that feels like the sweet spot, but later or (less likely) earlier is possible. I'm rooting for Jordan Travis in roughly the 6th

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2 minutes ago, bicketybam said:

Come again?


Searching for old posts is kind of difficult here if memory serves but I was always clear that it was going to be Denver if anywhere. Hats off to Zach for getting his money and getting as close to home as possible. 

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