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### NY Jets vs Indianaoplis Colts --- MNF Game Thread ###

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I had a chance at a decent nights sleep for the first time in like forever tonight. But like the champion game thread starter that I am, I put the thought of sleep aside. I got out of bed. I looked up

Waiting for the next Cialis commercial to feature two dudes. Two older dudes who can't muster up a half-chub between them. lol

Todd Bowles: " We're not where we want to be but we're on our way. The trick is to win while you're getting there."  That is a statement of beauty. 

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Ok, I've seen enough of Fitzy, now I know why Gailey & Bowles had Geno as the #1. He is not good enough without a running game he can't do squat.

Belichick will eat his lunch & force him to do what he can't do. Not happy with him going to Marshall 10 times in a row.


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Dink and dunk. Getting 6 yards every play that way. Why mess with it?

And the run isn't working. Why continue to force the issue just to force it?

it's so obvious it's maddening. 

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