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Trade out vs draft Wilson - age poll


Trade out vs draft a qb - how old are you?  

184 members have voted

  1. 1. Age / trade the pick or draft a qb

    • Under 20 - draft a qb
    • Under 20 - trade the pick
    • 21-30 - draft a qb
    • 21-30- trade the pick
    • 31-40 - draft a qb
    • 31-40 - trade the pick
    • 41-50+ - draft a qb
    • 41-50+ - trade the pick

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11 minutes ago, DetroitRed said:

Who the hell is under 30 here?  Message boards are for old men ?

I'm from ireland as my profile picture suggest and 42 years young, I joined an Irish and uk jets whatsapp group and said on it that I read something on a forum.....the abuse I received about how forums are so 1990s and don't believe any stuff you read on there, twitter is where it's at?

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I'm in the 41+ group and chose trade down. It has nothing to do with Darnold. It's just the team so devoid of talent and a trade down or two could really help fix that issue over the next two years if Douglas is worth a damn as a GM. I won't be upset if we take a QB at 2 and its obviously the most likely scenario, but IMO it makes more sense to use the opportunity to build the entire roster. 

If we go QB I think there's a decent shot we're in the same spot 3 years from now with a new HC, a QB who never developed and a roster that needs an overhaul. Of course JD can still build the roster if he goes QB at #2. It's just a more difficult task and he needs to have a higher success rate. 


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35 need to draft a QB the idea that this is a cycle that repeats itself is nonsense it’s literally the second time in my lifetime that we are in position to take a QB in the top 3. Gase, MAC, Mono, and Covid ruined our ability to groom Darnold, we have a second chance at life here. 

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I just woke up from my nap and everything hurts. I finished my beer and moved on to a more sophisticated Vodka and cranberry... with a splash of lime. When I eat or sleep my medicine wears off that's how old I am LOL.

As far as the Jets I don't know if Zach Wilson is rugged enough. I'm not sure Justin Fields is smart enough. I'm also not sure if we've ruined Sam Darnold enough?

Does that make any sense? I turned 47 a few days ago I don't remember which few days it was.

But for my birthday my girlfriend bought me two Sasquatch books and one of my favorite biographies ever Mick Foley a tale of blood and sweat socks! I'm kind of insane so I'll just blabber on like a crazy man at a bus stop.

Whatever the Jets do I usually wind up curling up in the fetal position during the first quarter and my children Pat me on my head and leave the room.

I think my girlfriend broke up with me... and I think the Jets are bad for you.

If we take Zach at number two I'm fine with that. If we trade the number two for a bunch of picks I'm fine with that too. Life's a journey not a destination, and we all take walks down our own roads.

Currently watching the Beast must die on Svengoolie, up next is the original Star Trek episode Mirror, Mirror. One of the best ever!

Gonna make some tortellinis with alfredo sauce, with some mini meatballs and diced tomatoes with spicy green chilies. That's how I roll, so how you like me now?

Go Jets!

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I'd prefer to trade the pick and give darnold a real chance. To me this is the easy clear cut decision you get a kings ransom from someone to move up and heavily draft offensive line and weapons...if the plan fails then you draft a qb next year who now has all the tools to actually succeed. The only exception I could see where I would not trade the pick is if for whatever stupid reason jacksonville took someone not named lawrence if that happens to me it's a no brainer

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33 minutes ago, Mike135 said:

Ok this poll is freakin' offensive.

There's 20s, 30s, and 40+ is all grouped together.

F### nuts.  I'm 41.  It's all over.

Lol. You got lumped in the catch all bucket. Dang. I’ll be there in 2 years. My kids already think I look like a grandpa. I can still beat my son in a leg race. So I make sure to bring that up every day. 

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58....... Where’s the option +50 Trade #2oa for Watson?

1st choice! Just watched the Texans vs Titans from week 6. DW facing heat all day and leads them to the go ahead TD w/1:50 remaining. Guy’s elite!

btw, Houston let’s them tie it with .02 on the clock. I think they went on to lose to Titans

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