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Let’s theorize what Mims did to get in the coaching staff’s doghouse


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I think it's just a combination of the food poisoning and maybe just being really behind because of it like they said.

I don't see why they wouldn't play Mims. JD drafted him in 2nd round last year. I refuse to believe the coach JD picked, is trying to bury him on the depth chart because he doesn't like him.

I think they really just feel he missed a lot of time and possibly isn't fully where they want him to be right now. 

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55 minutes ago, Biggs said:

I hated that he didn't score a TD on that catch on the sidelines.  Agree he should be playing more.  

Mims just seemed content to have caught the ball, and showed no effort to get his body under control and fight to get into the EZ.   At least he got out of bounds…


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I am still mystified by that draft. 

Pick 48 comes up. 

We needed big/tall fast WR. NEEDED. 

A 6-3 215 4.38 guy, huge wingspan, contested catch expert is sitting right there and JD should have run up to the table. (Virtually). 

Yet he didn’t. He traded back 11 spots to 59. 

And Mims still happened to be there, so he took him. 

Any one of those 10 teams (or anyone else trading up) could have grabbed him. 


Something is off with this guy. And I’m a fan. 

Hate to say it but we shoulda taken Claypool. He was the better prospect and will be a much better pro. 


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Just now, Guilhermezmc said:

Jeff smith is the best route runner i've seen.

That excuse is not enough sorry, watch some of his tape, Mims runs a very good go route and can make contested catches. Jeff smith on the other hand?

I’m sorry it doesn’t convince you but it has convinced Saleh.

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