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Broncos mad at Ravens for running on last play instead of taking knee


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Bitch for complaining. Stop em or shut up.

But, he does have a point…its stupid to run any extra plays you don’t have to.

You’re just risking a potential injury and given the circumstance, the chance of a cheap shot increases. But that’s on the team running it.

The team losing…shut up.

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It is bad form to kick a team when they are down just for a record - and if this is how you keep the streak alive, is it really a streak. But, instead of whining about it - next time make them pay. I can't wait until all of these teams BB used to run up the score against exact their revenge.

I also remember one time, wow, it has to be 20-30 years ago, the Jets were playing someone and they were losing badly (yep even back then). Some player on the other team was close to a record so the coach told the team to not tackle the Jets player so he could run down and score so they could get the ball back in time to break the record. That is even worse. I remember the Jets coach (can't remember who) told the team, I don't care if they score just make sure that player doesn't break the record - only cover him - brilliant.

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37 minutes ago, Grandy said:


exactly he guy is stupid or a liar, he is mad that the raven ran the ball to get a pretty cool record and they needed like 3 yards, but he was totally ok with his team trying to score in a game they lost. 

Apparently now teams are not supposed to play to the end? I mean it is just so disingenuous, like watching fake news.

And he conveniently forgot playing us and him chucking the ball on us for meaningless plays.

Such Horse sh*t. This HC is garbage, absolutely nothing wrong what the raven did. Its bad enough to lose but ot make up this BS argument and be a sore loser. Honestly this is more embarrassing than Urban. 

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