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****The Officially Official NY Jets vs Seahags Game Thread****®️©️™️


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1 minute ago, jetswinbaby! said:

Put Douglas, Saleh, and Wilson on a one way flight north to Anchorage...

Get Sean Payton on the phone...

Rinse repeat, lose, blame Woody

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Just now, JiFields said:

I dont usually waive the white flag in the 1st quarter but if they score a TD here, might be the nail in the coffin on the Jets season...

phew, ok, answer with a TD and settle down...

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Let me get this straight.  Zw doesn’t take responsibility and our D complains, calls him out, our coaching staff benches ZW, defense literally falls apart.  Completely falls apart.  Ready for this - fire em all.  This coaching staff blows.  Immature pencil necks. 

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5 minutes ago, DLJ said:


You’re not allowed to just shove the reciever

They were both turned towards the ball to make a play, you can do whatever you want at that point. 

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