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Sheldon Richardson: Jets fans who give up on Geno Smith are quitters


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New York Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson believes that fans who don't support quarterback Geno Smith being the team's starting quarterback are "quitters," he said Monday to Jane McManus of ESPN New York. 


While Michael Vick started three games in November for the struggling Smith, the Jets (2-11) turned back to Smith for their last two games, both losses.


With the team facing increasing public criticism, Richardson said fans should be patient with Smith.


"They're quitters," Richardson said. "That's how I feel. You go all-in with a guy, why not give him his chance?" 

"Even though he does decent, some people think he does horrible," Richardson said. "He's still the guy at the end of the day and I applaud him for that. The position he's in and the scrutiny he gets [is a lot]." 


Smith started the Jets' first eight games, but the team won only one game -- the season opener vs. the Oakland Raiders. Vick took over as the starter in Week 9, starting three games and going 1-2. He was benched during the Week 12 loss to the Buffalo Bills in favor of Smith, who finished the game 10-of-12 for 89 yards after Vick went 7-of-19 for 76 yards and a touchdown.


For the season, Smith has completed 57.8 percent of his passes for 1,778 yards, eight touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

The Jets travel to Tennessee to play the Titans (2-11) on Sunday.

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Richardson has no choice but to support Geno and play the Role of the good soldier.

We, as fans, have the luxury to VOICE our displeasure with the lack of development & effort plays demonstrate.

Hell, Shelly himself admits Geno only plays "decent"

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As long as he keeps playing as well as he has, I don't care what he says. Does anyone really give two sh!ts what he says? Like the guy for his playing ability and ignore any personal/political views. Same goes for any star.

Now if he ever starts playing like crap, just tell him to stfu or get rid of him.

Keep playing great Sheldon and feel free to talk all ya want, no one cares.

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Can't we have a team that shuts the **** up for once?

Hey, Sheldon, the team is 2-11. In the last two years, the QB you're defending has thrown the same amount of TDs to the other team as our leading scorer has scored for the Jets. Shut the **** up and go sack the ******* QB.

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Ah that's who he went to movies with....


And yesterday story was how Sheldon can't wait to get his payday


And the day before was how he tho he deserves pro bowl


Stfu already!   He plays 1 good game and his mouth starts a running....when he has quiet game u don't hear peep

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Don't understand the hate. Sheldon gives 110% every day for his team, those guys are his brothers, of course he'll defend any one of them to the death. I think it's pretty admirable to be honest.

Dont care Ive heard enough from this POS, put a clause in his contract that hes not allowed to say anything anymore then trade him for the rights to Gerrett Greyson

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Dont care Ive heard enough from this POS, put a clause in his contract that hes not allowed to say anything anymore


F*ck it, let's mail his house and tell him to shut it j ust play the game no celebrating do it like they did back in the day those were real men not like these girls playing today who think there real men.

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He's not seeking out the cameras, the players have mandatory time where they have to meet with the media. He either doesn't answer anything at all and they get pissed or he just answers the questions truthfully as they come. He seems like a typical southern boy who tell it like it is.

To a degree. However telling the boo birds to produce NFL babies is still one of the dumbest things I've ever seen an athlete say.

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Richardson: Jets still play for 'almighty dollar'

Associated Press

December 8, 2014



FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) — Sheldon Richardson remains motivated despite the New York Jets' 2-11 record.

The defensive tackle is never shy to offer his opinions, usually responding to questions with a refreshingly blunt approach.

So, when Richardson was asked how he keeps playing at such a high level while his team is struggling, the 2013 Defensive Rookie of the Year delivered, as usual.

"This is a team-oriented game, but this is a business in the end," he said Monday, "and we've still got something to play for."

Such as?

"The almighty dollar," Richardson said. "It's what drives this league. It is what it is. I don't want to sound selfish or anything, but in the end, you've got to get yours."

It was a comment that might raise some eyebrows, but Richardson is also driven by pride and a desire to win. He has been one of the team's few bright spots in his second season.

"I know there's a comment where he said it's just about the money or something right now," coach Rex Ryan said. "That's not this kid. This kid's anything but that. I think he thinks it sounds good, but he's much more than that. He gives it for himself, his teammates, this is the way he plays."

That was evident on the last play of New York's 30-24 overtime loss Sunday when Richardson chugged all the way down the field in pursuit of Vikings wide receiver Jarius Wright, whose 87-yard TD catch-and-run won it for Minnesota.

"That's just me," Richardson said. "It was overtime. I don't see the need to give up on the play. He could've done anything. He could've celebrated early, anything like that. You never know."

Ryan said he thought Richardson might have had a chance at somehow catching Wright along the sideline. Richardson did, too, saying he had an angle on him at one point, but just couldn't get to him.

The big defensive tackle sat in the end zone, catching his breath and shaking his head while the Vikings celebrated. It was a lousy ending to a big game for Richardson, who had a career-best three sacks and a safety.

"He walks around here and he's not afraid to strut his stuff," quarterback Geno Smith said. "We enjoy that about him because he backs it up on the field."

Richardson isn't scheduled to become a free agent until possibly after the 2016 season, so a big payday is a few years off. But he's hoping for a shot at his first Pro Bowl, something he thinks he deserves but knows the team's dismal record might work against him.

Left guard Oday Aboushi shouted "Get that man to the Pro Bowl!" as Richardson spoke to reporters.

"A few more sacks, and a couple more big plays, and I should," said Richardson, who leads the Jets with 6 1/2 sacks.

"When I came into this league, I said I wanted to be a dominant force and I meant that," he said. "That doesn't change for me no matter the outcome of our record is." He also took issue with the opinions of some outside the organization who have been critical of Smith and already "given him the boot" as he struggles in his second season.

"They're quitters," Richardson said of those who have given up on Smith. "That's how I feel."

Smith, making his second straight start after being benched for three games, rebounded Sunday after his first pass Sunday was intercepted and returned 27 yards for a touchdown by the Vikings' Gerald Hodges. Smith finished 18 of 29 for 254 yards and a touchdown.



"When you go all in with a guy, why not give him his chance, you know?" Richardson said. "He's been in the league two years and guys want him to play like he's Tom Brady or Peyton Manning or something like

that. I just told him to stop turning the ball over, like everybody else probably has mentioned before, but he's done that."

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