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Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games


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7 minutes ago, HawkeyeJet said:

Can't miss prospect, they said.

As safe as Andrew Luck, they said.

I'm an idiot for not agreeing, they said.

His physical talents are undeniable

So is the fact that he is a meat head

He had legal issues at FSU and had to sell teams on his new maturity prior to the draft

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driver alleged that Winston grabbed her crotch while the two were waiting in the drive-thru of a Mexican restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona on March 13, 2016. 


The driver told BuzzFeed News that Winston "reached over" and "just grabbed my crotch." The driver also added that Winston kept his hand in place for three to five seconds and didn't remove it until she asked him, "What's up with that?"



giphy (9).gif

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Funny thing is they WILL give him a 2nd contract and it will be for a BOATLOAD of money or some other desperate team will. I now can drop to my knees and thank the good lord and heavens above that we found a QB before he is a free agent because you KNOW that there would be a large contingent of clueless Jets fans desperate for a qb clamoring to sign him if he ever broke free from Tampa. 

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1 hour ago, dbatesman said:

Who is “they”?

Quite a few people.  This may have still been the JI days.  There was one guy/kid in particular that was an FSU Student or Alum that was especially a hardon.  Sent me private messages all the time to try and talk sh*t.  Even followed to the Hampur site if I recall.  I distinctly remember multiple saying the only reason he wasn't in the same breath as Luck was race.  I argued it was actually because he sucked.

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