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Sam Darnold was asked to draw the Panthers logo and Twitter is going nuts.

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Its amazing to me. Sam is terrible at every single thing he does. Meanwhile, watching Zach throw nice tight, accurate balls on the first day of rook camp has me all sorts of flustered. I miss Sam's wobbly, weak, inaccurate passes. 

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I want to insult them for trading picks for him, but then I remember that so did the Jets (more in fact). Then I rationalize them as being idiots because they had 3 years of NFL film to examine prior to trading for him. Analyzing his picture though.... Poor sense of detail, poor depth perception, and clumsy execution. Sounds familiar.

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1 hour ago, TokyoJetsFan said:

Teddy Bridgewater isnt there anymore

Teddy Bridegwater has never throw for over 15 TDs....I don't think this year was gonna be the first.  Why do people act like Teddy Bridgewater is Joe Montana I'm not even sure he's better then Mitch Trubisky. lol

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2 hours ago, Joe W. Namath said:

Enough with this guy.  My goodness.

The less posted about Darnold, the better, its the last thread i plan to read on him. He is just another guy , playing for a different team, i truly , could not care less about him.

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