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Zach Wilson refused to take selfie with creepy fan at Islanders game

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This guy has started a bit of a firestorm on Twitter. Most are calling him a loser who’s a grown ass man hounding a 21 year old kid for a picture. Some were agreeing with him tho. What’s the consensus here, who’s in the wrong? Zach for refusing the pic. Or this guy who’s throwing a temper tantrum cause Wilson told him eff off

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Oh well. Non story here. 

That dude was probably just an autographer looking to make a quick $ off the kid Zach Wilson on E-Bay or something. Zach told the man 'No', and in return; this guy got mad for not making any profit off the kid.  Etc. 

"Everyone says you're real - until you tell them, No".


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Damn if you do damned if you don't anymore from the players standpoint.  I'd say adults hounding a player for a picture like that are problem enough, let alone complaining about it on Twitter. 

Also, and this is so stupid but it bothers me, "NO!" Insinuates he shouted back at you emphatically.  I would bet my bottom dollar that was not the case.

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i love when he says he will remember this when they ask him to buy tickets.

i hope he does and cancels them.

does this idiot think the Jets care if he doesn't want to buy tickets anymore. there has to be thousands waiting on the season ticket list. 

please dont buy anymore tickets. there are plenty of us who will gladly buy them instead.

guy probably doesnt even have any

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