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Stephen A joins Quinn in sh*tting on Jets

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If that douche nozzle is crapping on the Jets we're going to be alright. His guest was sitting there raising his hand like "OK, when you're done being loud and obnoxious I have something to say". Someone should tell SAS that being loud doesn't equate to making a point, or being right. When the Jets finish second in the division I hope the organization sh*ts all over him (I know we will).

eric cartman timmy birch GIF by South Park 

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Just now, jeremy2020 said:

I think it should be made a rule that you must have proposed a duel with pistols at 20 paces and it has to have been accepted before you can post a thread whining about a media personality. 

Andddd No

thanks for the suggestion tho. It was cool

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17 minutes ago, Warfish said:

I'm far too interested in how we'll look to care what some talking heads think in May.

Maybe some people just care too much about what media talking heads think?

How are you feeling? 

2 minutes ago, Sammybighead said:

anyone mentioning Mims as a possible playmaker for us should be banned from commenting about football and stick with basketball

No he shouldn't. 

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Stephen A has turned his talent for annoying people into a highly paid job.  Congrats to him.  There is an easy answer to Stephen A.  The mute button.  Use it!!

Like many in the media, he doesn't actually know anything.

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1 hour ago, kevinc855 said:

Is it just me or extra Jet hate this year? Safe to say Stephen A is not a believer 


maybe it's because there aren't any jets fans who really think stephen a is a good reporter.  he's a friggin moron and i'm sure i'm not the only who thinks so.

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