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    • He was showing signs of being a good coach in 2015.   He did a better job than Quinn did in a vacuum, but Quinn and his GM were doing a better job in 2015 that Quinn needed. Bowles was just awful in 2016.  We all know that.  If he did not have 2015, in fact if that was his only year, he could have and should have been fired.  Its one thing to be a new coach and have a bad record, its another to be a new coach that looks like a bad job.  Pete Carroll did a better job in his one year than Bowles did in 2016, and we know how that ended up, long term and short term. This is the tie breaker year for Bowles, and Macc has him held hostage somewhat, but somewhat.  Yes, Macc can pick players with a long-term view, but he really did not do a great job over the last 2 years getting Bowles players either. I am optimistic that the 2 of them appear to do a better job in 2017.   I feel like the Jets have a better coaching staff in 2017 than they did in 2016.  What they do with the QB position will tell us what the organization as a whole is thinking.   Optimistic is better than being negatively miserable.  The moves during the offseason overall are signs for optimism.
    • He and Mark Sanchez are tight. So sign Sanchez this year as our backup and entice Darnold next season. SAR I
    • You'd think it'd come up in the interview process. 
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