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    • A lot of TEs are subpar blockers in college. Putting up receiving numbers is what gets you drafted, and that's what they work on more. I can hardly blame them. Since we're not talking about left tackles, among TEs/WRs/RBs, blocking is a mindset. He doesn't need to pancake his man or bulldoze a path through a LB and two DBs to be an adequate-enough blocker. I think being a "dynamic pass catcher and playmaker" is a far harder skill to teach, to the degree that it's even teachable.  He'll either be a willing blocker or he won't be. These guys are all athletic enough if the desire is there.
    • Why don't you go back and read my comment again? All I asked was people try and find a little space between their unreal cynicism and criticism to find some positives.  I didn't say a thing about anything "not being permitted". I didn't say anything was "illegitimate".  Please don't put words in my mouth. And as far as disagreeing on the merits of their arguments, that's pretty hard when EVERYTHING
    • Devin Smith could be on the way out. But I'd still love to see him in the original role he was drafted for. A long threat like he was at OSU. 
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