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*** Jets vs Dolphins official game day Thread ***

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"They have had no answers for Ryan Fitzpatrick" is the worst sentence I've heard watching a Jet game since "Vinny is down".

Two throws from the 3 yard line with Le'veon Bell sitting right next to him in the backfield. EVERY week our game plan is, hey Sam, go overcome the worst OL in the NFL.  Go overcome a very poor W

Safety help? You crazy? Who gonna make tackles and complain about being shopped? Priorities bitches.

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3 minutes ago, Spoot-Face said:

I'm in no way a Gase apologist, but I just don't see how firing him after one season makes this an attractive destination for any HC worth their salt. Especially when you consider that Gase is the reason why we finally fired our absolutely abysmal GM, even after gifting him one final offseason to screw this team, for some ungodly reason.

As much as I didn't want Gase to begin with, I just don't see how firing him magically makes this team any better.

This is truly a depressing time for Jets fans.

The answer is always to keep bad coaches for a couple years making the Jets look like an absolute dumpster fire in the process to install the appearance of attractiveness to a possible future head coach...who might, maybe not want to come here because Gase was fired after a year and ruin your potential FQB in the process. 

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3 minutes ago, Bugg said:

Not saying you fire anyone today. In fact doing so before the end of the season is pointless. 

But somebody at Florham Park should pick up the phone and call Mike Westhoff ASAP. Not saying he's the answer, but you need someone who knows the facts and who can self scout this disaster. 

Westhoff has been on a hundred bad teams and none of them gave him the interim gig. He’s just an old crank who talked to the media a lot. His special teams units were overrated. He’s not an answer 

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4 minutes ago, Mark78 said:

Does he have the balls to admit he made a mistake?

This is the key!!

Stevie Wonder could see that Gase was and is now a mistake.  This isn’t even funny anymore.  This is the WORSE Jets team I have ever seen and it is not CLOSE!!


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1 minute ago, T0mShane said:


NOTHING IS GOING TO GET SOLVED BETWEEN NOW AND WEEK 17. Anyone who thinks firing Gase or elevating Williams solves anything is a fool. But there needs to be some reckoning; who's a player to be kept, who needs to be dumped. And that's players and coaches. 

What you can do, is bring in someone who can make those evaluations. And Mike Westhoff fits that bill. 

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3 minutes ago, rammagen said:

No we are not stuck, it is better to move on from the problem then let is fester. Simply the offense help the oline As we speak about it the oline screws  up/ How can you let this fester?How can you defend the garbage job he has done

There is zero defense but the excuse will be lack of talent compounded with injuries. Plus, there is no way that the Jets are paying for 3 head coaches in one year. We are still on he hook for Bowles and his rotten stench hasn’t washed away yet. I get what you are saying but I’m being a realist. Reality is horrible right now. 

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1 minute ago, fusionCA said:

The defense held ip.this quarter 

They gave the offense a shot and the offense keep ******* it up 

Pretty sure this is completely irrelevant seeing as the same defense gave up 21 points in a single period. 

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