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*** Jets vs Dolphins official game day Thread ***

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Just now, Creepy Lurker said:

That’s the problem. We are stuck. 

No we are not stuck, it is better to move on from the problem then let is fester. Simply the offense help the oline As we speak about it the oline screws  up/ How can you let this fester?How can you defend the garbage job he has done

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"They have had no answers for Ryan Fitzpatrick" is the worst sentence I've heard watching a Jet game since "Vinny is down".

Two throws from the 3 yard line with Le'veon Bell sitting right next to him in the backfield. EVERY week our game plan is, hey Sam, go overcome the worst OL in the NFL.  Go overcome a very poor W

Safety help? You crazy? Who gonna make tackles and complain about being shopped? Priorities bitches.

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1 minute ago, T0mShane said:

They’re both bad. Chris Johnson ****ed up. Mike Maccagnan was the worst executive this cursed franchise ever employed. The season is over and it’s about triage at this point. Looking like jackasses and appearing to fire the head coach because the garbage strong safety got his feelings hurt will turn what is already a bad job into absolute career Chernobyl for any other coaching prospect. Jets fans need to man up and ride it out for another few weeks and hope that Gase quits and Williams gets the Redskins job. That’s it. That’s your reality, Jets fans. 

Gase will never quit 


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1 minute ago, HawkeyeJet said:

For those who like to predict things, this drive here has the makings of a Darnold pick.

He just got completely killed on a blown protection.  This drive has to result in points.  He will get pressured and turn it over trying to make a play.

Or that.

Archuleta is wrong again.  The first leg raise is to set your motion and protection.  Winters thought it was the second leg raise which is the all clear 

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