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1-1-2021: The Official NCAA College Football Game Thread (New Years Day Playoffs special)

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9 minutes ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

The sh*t he pulled with Covid positives TRAVELLING with the team, and then attacking FSU for saying "Nope" to the game showed exactly who the ignorant Hillbilly is. Dabo..."Dat Boy". Ew, I can't stand the hill people.....


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Just now, usanyj said:

Let’s see how fields responds here. Could’ve buried Clemson with a score, turned it over and clemson is back in it.

Exactly. Could've iced the game with a FG and up 24. 

Now it's only a 14 point game. 

His turnover could end up becoming costly unless he responds right here...

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3 minutes ago, HawkeyeJet said:

Legit question.  Not trying to knock Lawrence, but if you had never seen either of these teams play prior to tonight and kept hearing one of them is considerably aided by the "system" who would you think?  Clemson and Lawrence No?  I bet close to 50% of his throws if not more are at the LOS.

Need to confirm, but I think he has 2 throws of 10+ yards. Not two completions....two attempts. 

Goes back to what we talked about months ago. Air yards. Lawrence doesn't have them over the course of his Clemson career because his teammates are supremely talented and the playcalling relies on getting them the ball asap after snap

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1 minute ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

This happened last year in the playoffs. 

Fields had Clemson beat. 

Tossed INTs. 

And Trevor Lawrence came roaring back 2nd half.

Feels like it's happening again...

Difference is Fields there 4 TD's


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1 minute ago, pdxgreen said:

Does Venebles tell his players to be dirty as hell?  I've seen three defenders do borderline shady sh*t today.  

I'm so sick of Venables and the coverage that guy gets, they talk more about him than the clemson offense or sweeney each game.

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