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Who remembers the Jets "story wall" that is going to tell the story of their season as it progresses? The one they showed in One Jets Drive? 
Well now, every time a mother ****er walks down that hallway, the first thing they are going to see on the wall is "we suck dick"

Someone should start a story wall thread we can send to Robert Saleh.

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Is there a reason why Flacco is still in this game?

Coach has no guts or feel for the game. He knows flacco will score a TD here in garbage time cause they are playing prevent defense. Then at the post game press conference, he will say how the offense improved as the game went on as forth and so on.

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4 minutes ago, Dcronin said:

I called it. Duvernay and Bateman torching us all day, and Flacco looking like a senior citizen.  Beyond awful.

They really have not torched us "all day".  They both are quality players; the problem is our total lack of offense and our defense getting worn out by being on the field too long.     The offense has been the real culprit of this game, not the defense. 

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2 minutes ago, JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF said:

0-6 now for NYJ, I think he’s still O fer 3rd Down this game.

Not fair to ever start him again for the rest of the team.

Flacco is 0-10 in the last 10 game he has been involved in,  He has not won in almost 3 years.  He stinks, but anyone with one brain cell knew that before hand.  Douglas is 100% at fault with this or Douglas and saleh is saleh insisted on keeping this turd.

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