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1 minute ago, BornJetsFan1983 said:

So what...same as draft pick can only make a good pick and if don't work out move on. Saleh certainly doesn't look like he is doing this team and favors.

I liked Saleh but the game plan is trash and ineffective. Not sure if really fair but we got three points 

So if Joe Douglas isn’t being judged on his roster and coach what the f*ck is he being judged on?



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Just now, JetBlue said:

They really have not torched us "all day".  They both are quality players; the problem is our total lack of offense and our defense getting worn out by being on the field too long.     The offense has been the real culprit of this game, not the defense. 

Yup.  I’m not killing anyone today other than Flacco, Fant, and Mann.

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1 minute ago, oatmeal said:

We have a shut down msn to man CB and playing him majority in zone


Continuing the oh I’d say about 35 year tradition of going away from a players best attributes and have him play to some less than mediocre coach’s “scheme”, that he never deviates from, because he’s not a good coach.

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1 minute ago, Beerfish said:

Flacco is 0-10 in the last 10 game he has been involved in,  He has not won in almost 3 years.  He stinks, but anyone with one brain cell knew that before hand.  Douglas is 100% at fault with this or Douglas and saleh is saleh insisted on keeping this turd.

Douglas traded for that man after releasing him...

Its 100% on him. 

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Just now, ultraJETfan said:

Pathetic to come out of halftime this way after a solid effort in the 1st half despite offensive struggles. 

Running game is still a joke. Any positive yards seem like a miracle. More often than not it's just no gain. Waste of a down. 

Running game is not the problem it is the OFFENSIVE LINE.  You cannot run with no holes. 

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