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Le’Veon wants to be traded now too


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His value will be complete sh*t if he gets cut at the end of the season. Would be better for him if he went to a competent team. I can’t honestly say that Levon has been a bad player either. He hasn’t really produced, but Is it his fault? He can’t call plays, open up running lanes, or throw balls to himself....

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Douglas might get a conditional 2021 fifth round pick for Bell. That contract is a massive albatross, especially in this uncertain time. Not sure that there'd be much of a market for him anyway. Most of the contending teams are pretty set at running back. Kansas City? No. Seattle? No. Green Bay? No. Rams? No. Tampa? No. Eagles? No. Cowboys? No. Bears? Maybe. Bills? No. Steelers? Hell no. Ravens? No. Cleveland? No. Raiders? No. Titans? No. Colts? Maybe.

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9 minutes ago, Creepy Lurker said:

We may get something. Same for Darnold and Maye. Any player that is performing poorly on the Jets is due to the Jets. Look at Robby Anderson. Teams will buy into that and we can actually salvage some value for these players that aren’t part of the long rebuild road ahead. 

Most of Jet nation doesn't want part of the long rebuild ahead so I guess we all have to be salvaged off to other fan bases. May be Los Vegas can take me in.

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