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RIP Hank Aaron


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5 minutes ago, jetophile said:

I'm on my break and just heard on the radio. RIP to a beacon of Civil Rights. He got death threats on the regular. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around that type and that level of hatred. FOR WHAT. It's so foreign to me because I just was not raised that way. I'm very thankful and very grateful for being raised in the environment that I was: colorful. As they say, prejudice begins in the home and ain't that the goddamn truth. RIP twice.

It absolutely does.

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And - he wasn't just a home run hitter. Almost got a triple crown more than once. An excellent fielder. At 6', 180 lbs, he wasn't some 'roided beast with a club.

I was at Shea many years ago at a Mets-Braves game, and he hit an opposite field line drive home run that couldn't have been more than 25 feet from the ground, taking about three or four seconds to get to the bleachers. It was so hot people were diving to get AWAY from the ball as it screamed in.

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RIP to a legend of the game.

My grandfather on my Mom's side was a Dodgers fan and always tried to get me to root for the Mets instead of the Yankees like my Dad.  He would take me to Shea when I was little and I guess the Braves were a cheap ticket, so the first few games I went to featured Hank Aaron.  When I finally got to the old Yankee Stadium, Aaron had gone to the Brewers to retire back in MIlwaukee and I ended up seeing him again.  I thought he was every visiting team.  Pretty sure that I saw him hit bombs in both leagues.

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12 hours ago, Warfish said:


Baseball, I know, but this man is a true legend of the game and his passing goes beyond just Baseball.


The Sports world has lost a true all time great man and trailblazer today.  RIP good sir.

Top 5 of all time. Barry Bonds can sit at the back of the bus to Hank.   A LEGEND in every sense of the word.  I have no problem with him as number 2 in al time greats.   

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19 hours ago, DetroitRed said:

One of many athletes from that era who faced true racial injustice.  Some of the dummies today need to read a book

This is why charlatans like Jussie Smollett should be vilified and ostracized and be ashamed of themselves for life. And here's looking at you, too, Tawana Brawley.

This is all I'm going to say about it because I don't want to derail the thread, but said dummies need to realize that lying about heinous things - although rare - only cements the minds of true bigots about racial injustice and sexual assault and moves the needle back 100 years. 

Which brings me to Barry Bonds. All that guy did was pull the race card when he was chasing Babe Ruth's record when he was backed into a corner about steroids. OK, maybe there were some shi tty abhorrent racists who really were hateful about a black man about to break a white man's record, but Hank Aaron was having none of it. He essentially called him a belligerent tool and said racism, what do you know about racism. He was so insulted, he went out of his way to speak out about it and told him to shut his stupid mouth, lol. Anyone remember that? 'Cause I do.

The best part was when The New York Post ran this:


Prior to that they ran a variant, 'Curse of the Shambino', haha. This was also  right around the time when Henry Aaron said he had no respect for Bonds  and that he should shut up. Bonds' belligerence and blanket accusations of racism was a tool of deflection simply because the record was helped along by juicing. Major League Ownage. RIP thrice. 

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#44, Hammering Hank, the one and only true HR King, the peoples HR King.  

As great as he was, as much adulation he's receiving today he was totally underrated, under appreciated.  He was a great player a true 5 tool player, one of the all time greats, who endured a lot on his way past 714.

RIP Hank

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