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Darnold to the Panthers

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Just now, Beerfish said:

Well anyone that still thinks he can be good and I am one of them simply says that the team added zero talent for him since day one and he was saddled with the sorriest excuse for a coach the last two years.

We will know soon next year if he is an underachieving bad Qb or if he was put in the worst position possible.

It's both.

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3 minutes ago, football guy said:

While I agree, there’s a realistic scenario where it happens. 

• ATL could trade down or go QB
• CIN could go OT or WR over Pitts 
• MIA could go WR over TE (Gesicki)
• DET could go WR over TE (Hockenson) or trade down 

I feel like ATL won't go QB, but I agree. 

I still say that Pitts and one of the tackles will be the first two non-QBs taken. 

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1 minute ago, rangerous said:

the endless cycle is a little tough to take.  at least it seems like douglas, saleh, et al know what they're doing from a football standpoint.

For sure and we hope so.  I will say this, JD seems in charge, like for once we seem to have a GM with power so at least we're going about it different from that perspective.

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1 hour ago, LockeJET said:

We wouldn’t have been on the hook for 25 million next year.  we were not going to pick up his option either way. if Sam played well and he stayed in our team they would’ve franchised him and traded him for a better haul. 

and how much do you thin a franchise tag is? its 25 mil for 2021 and 28 mil for 2022. its way higher for QBs than any other position.


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12 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

Like every fanbase in the league doesn’t get excited for a QB drafted in the top 5. 

Or that a franchise drafting a QB in the top 5 wasnt a bad team

I for one and shocked.


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Just now, JetPotato said:

Gase was like Dose One of Moderna and Sam is Dose Two.

Now let's go to a freakin bar to celebrate

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  We have competent people running this team for the 1st time in 25 years and people are mad cause sh!tty sam darnold is gone.

This is pure entertainment listening to these fools whine.  

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1 hour ago, JiF said:

I dont trust anyone involved with the Jets organization.  

1 year wonder, rookie HC, rookie OC, terrible team - this has disaster written all over it.

As opposed to the glorious seasons under Darnold?  You have no clue how this will turn out, because NFL experts don't either and you're just some guy on a team forum.  

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1 minute ago, Samtorobby47 said:

Just love hearing how our former top 3 pick might get better and now will get an elite playmaker to throw to. Sounds nice. 


Hey and a bonus is that your screen name is relevant again.... Wrong team but.... small victories.

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Just now, T0mShane said:

Good luck to the kid who couldn’t earn the captaincy of his cheeseballs Mormon college squad earning the respect of his new locker room. Marcus Maye just now:


Sign Alex Smith and draft Lance.

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9 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

Purgatory would be keeping Sam and hoping somehow he turns it around.

The move is to start over and yes, if Wilson isn't the guy you try again until you find one.  But the reality is the Jets are in a better position now than they were a few hours ago.

You can lament the past for sure - but also have to face facts and do what's best moving forward.

This was the correct and only move to be made right now by Douglas.

He had a QB, not drafted by him, that he and his brand new coaching staff would have to be married to.  Not fair to anyone involved, including Darnold.

The QB who he would be forced to stick with had been the lowest rated passer in the league 2 years running with the Fraud known as Adam Gase.  Definitely not all Darnold’s fault, not even close, bottom of the barrel “talent” surrounding him all throughout the offensive unit coupled with horrific coaching but there were also way too many instances where Darnold could have hit a play but didn’t.  His deep ball was brutal all 3 years.  He was also hurt every single year.

Time for a fresh start for All.

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