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Quinnen Williams out 8-10 weeks

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 Hopefully he recovers and has no further effects. Don't know enough about this injury, but foot problems in big guys can be lingering issues.

Fortunately, DL isone spot where we have some depth.

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let the surgery happen now, he'll heal for 2-3 weeks in a boot, they'll have him do upper body conditioning for now.  After around 4-5 weeks they'll probably put him in the pool and get him going. 

We have a competent medical staff now and a new facility to accommodate all of this, he should be in good shape by camp in august.  And thats if he doesnt heal fast considering he's so young. 

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Qw and the defensive line will be fine but I'm sure we're going to discuss his injuries when he gets traded to the nfc rather than get paid... It's going to happen folks 

The Jets don't really have an injury ghost btw. They have almost no depth outside of the DL and that's scary. The lbs and DBs lack starters period 

When the Jets start street free agents at corner (every year) due to injuries we talk about the injury ghosts but really it's a chronic lack of depth.

Related, depth costs money 

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