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Just now, Paradis said:

So to review;

Zach Wilson is mostly hot air until proven otherwise. T-Law was overhyped. And right now Justin Fields Just dunked on Tray Lance. 

so Justin fields is who I thought he was

Thats a stretch. That being said, they have done nothing to support him and he's doing ok. Hes got grit. 

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1 minute ago, Untouchable said:

Who honestly believes that the Johnson’s would be willing to dish out the $10+ million a year to make this happen?

If the Jets get rid of Saleh/Douglas, get ready for another “up and coming” coordinator as HC with the “director of player personnel” from the Saints or some sh*t as GM.

Sad facts of life ?

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4 minutes ago, shevys said:

OK, in all honesty I’ve been watching Jets football longer than you have and IMHO this offense really isn’t even top 10 all-time worst. There’s some legit talent here. It’s a recency bias. Agree to disagree. 

Took them till mid 4th quarter to convert a 3rd down...lol. having some talent doesn't mean anything. This offense is operating at an extremely low level

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Just now, JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF said:

So you’ll be back...that’s all that matters.

Remember, “Positive Vibes Only”...I think that’s the new battle cry replacing “All Gas No Brake”.

Positive Vibes Only is something some limp wristed **** comes up with when he knows his wife is banging his brother but he doesnt have the nutsack to kick her to the curb. 

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