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The game was competitive going into halftime and probably would have been closer had the geriatric AARP member you all dubbed Captain Stable/Vinny 2.0 could move the ball.  I don’t know why you’re all surprised.  I said two days ago I expected it to be close until the defense got gassed from being on the field 95% of the game.  That’s exactly what happened and now we’re mad the defense can’t play the game all by themselves?

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2 minutes ago, carlito1171 said:

Here’s why I came to this conclusion: 

Running game has been good today 

Pass Pro is a turnstile 

Flacco processes the field like a geriatric and moves like a geriatric 

Mike white isn’t a savior, but he’ll be a youthful jolt who can make quicker decisions  and can move when the pocket breaks down.....

honestly on that last sack Flacco held the ball too long and took too long to process the field 

To be fair Mike White wasn’t good outside of the Bengal game where they admittedly didn’t show up for that game.  So if they start White that’s fine but unless the oline actually blocks it will be the same 

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4 minutes ago, JetsYanks13 said:

I’m not a fan of mike white, but how much worse can he be? There loosing 24-3 with flacco, at 17-3, Saleh should of put White in, maby given then a spark, who knows. Instead he stood with flacco and what you see is what you get.

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I think some of you are misunderstanding.  I dint have an issue starting White but if you think he will all of a sudden be awesome no matter how bad the oline us then you’re not being realistic 

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