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That is the nice cherry on top of the Maccagnan era sundae.


At least you’re not @Jet Nut, who’s still digesting all the dick he had to eat when Maccagnan got fired and now he’s got another full plate of dick in front of him to mangia upon. #mangia

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3 minutes ago, slimjasi said:

Macc daddy with dat legacy 

Good for Douglas. Not afraid to do what he thinks is the right thing 

Doesn’t take that much courage to dump someone else’s pick 

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7 minutes ago, Nixhead said:

So what does Polite get to keep - his signing bonus which was probably around 1 mil? Boy I hope to see him over at the Daytona Poker Room playing some holdem - gonna take his money!

Lol I used to do the same to Jason taylor down at the hard rock hollywood

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2 minutes ago, MindOverMatter said:

And like clockwork Winovich will become a better version of Ninkovich. I hate this sh*t.

The pats obsession continues.  

Because somehow whatever Winovich becomes has anything to do with Polite being abust or not.

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