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Has Adam Gase Does a Good Job with the 2019 Jets Offense in Games 1 and 2?


Has Adam Gase Does a Good Job with the 2019 Jets Offense in Games 1 and 2?  

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  1. 1. Has Adam Gase Does a Good Job with the 2019 Jets Offense?

    • Yes, he has done good job because....
    • No, he has not done a good job because....

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Simple question (yes/no) with room to explain your vote.

Has Adam Gase done a good job as coach of the 2019 Jets Offense so far, or no, and regardless of how you vote.....why do you feel that way?


EDIT:  Added "in games 1 and 2" to more clearly set the parameters of what is being evaluated.

This isn't about Gase's future, his career, or anything other than the limited, specific coaching, gameplan, adjustments, schemes and management of the available players in games 1 and 2. 

His future cannot yet be evaluated.  His performance in the two completed games can be evaluated.  Hopefully that clears up any confusion (or faux confusion).

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4 minutes ago, NYJ1 said:

No. However, he's been coaching this team for 2 games. Expecting good numbers with this roster, after only 2 games, is not only ridiculous, it's insanely unreasonable.

I thought "so far" was implied in the question...   but thats just me...

for me its , "we dont score enough pts so far"



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16 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

So far no.  It's very early but he has not done well in covering the weakness on team which you have to do just as much as promoting the good parts of the offense.

There's too many weak points on the team to cover up them all. It's ridiculous to expect something that isn't possible. The Jets have FOUR, count them 4, drop dead weaknesses on this team OL, Corner, edge rusher, and kicker. It's not possible for Gase to cover up that many weaknesses. There's simply too many! Lol

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1 minute ago, More Cowbell said:

Ah, sorry, misunderstood. 

Why is that even a question ?

No worries, I should have been more clear (now sorted via edit to poll question and OP).

It's a question because it's all we have to evaluate so far.  A Coach can coach well in a very difficult situation and still lose.....but have done a great job with what he had.  It's fair to ask, has Gase done well as a Coach with what he had, or no?

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He certainly hasn't distinguished himself. But I don't know how much you can blame him for the personnel. Some, I guess, but not much.

The ownership gets an F for ******* up the GM situation.

The new GM gets an Incomplete.

Gase gets a D for the offense, but I think the ceiling with this group, now minus Enunwa and Darnold and with Luke Falk playing fresh off the practice squad, was probably a C.

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