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****The Official Broncos @ Jets Gameday Thread****


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1 minute ago, Jetlife33 said:

Heart broken. Whether he turns out to be our guy or not, he is the easiest guy I’ve ever rooted for in the green and white. He’s a good kid. This is heart breaking 

Well that was probably the last play Darnold ever plays for the Jets.   Extremely saddening.

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Just now, jetstream23 said:

Throwing shoulder.  No bueno.

Yup.  I called this last week, Darnold would get hurt. Didn’t take a genius. This wretched team is so cursed I just knew Darnold would get hurt with this still garbage OL...won’t even give the fans a chance to see absolutely Anything this year.

At least let James Morgan play.  Gase will waste more time playing Flacco for FGs.

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We just wrapped up the #1 pick.

Anyone who thinks Flacco is going to eek out wins sure as sh*t didn’t watch him last season.

Best of luck in Pittsburgh, Sam.

Welcome to the sh*tstain Jets, Trevor Lawrence. 

I pray to god they don’t fail you too...

Otherwise, the NFL can permanently tongue my ballbag.

I may take up knitting on Sundays.

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1 minute ago, Irish Jet said:

I was literally joking about this sh*t last week.

Joe Flacco handing to Frank Gore in a lost season. It has never been close to this depressing. Nothing to even care about ffs.

That would just be such a stupid waste of time.  At this point, might as well just have Morgan and Perine, even if they now think they both suck.

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