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When will Joe Douglas face the media

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6 hours ago, Wonderboy said:

Yes it’s miraculous. Gase is STILL the HC. 

That has way more to do with the owners trying their best not to look as stupid as everyone knows they are.  How can you call the worst head coach in the league by a mile a “genius” in Week 1 and then Fire him Week 5?  You can of course but you’ll make the people who have been laughing at you the whole time because they know you’re silver spoon moron who had absolutely no business running basically anything, laugh even harder.

The saddest part is that as someone mentioned, here you had Matt Rhule who has a very clear track record of KNOWING how to build trainwrecked franchise back to respectibility from the ground up....and of course the Jets choose Door #2 instead that had nothing but the edge of a cliff on the other side of it.  It’s actually Tragic that’s what this Organization is and that’s all it ever will be especially with Dumb & Dumber as the owners.

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If we go 0-16 he cannot be allowed to continue.
The excuses made for him on this place are shocking. What's worse it's the same guys who balk at the same excuses being made for Sam and Gase. Somehow the guy actually responsible for the talent level gets a pass?
He inherited a bad situation but it wasn't the '76 Bucs. He's significantly downgraded the talent level a year on and we look worse in every area. All the terrible Jets teams and this guy may just have overseen the worst. Disgraceful. 
He has had 1 offseason ... grow up.

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