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41 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

NFL rumors: Patriots are favorites to trade for Texans’ Deshaun Watson, ex-Jets GM says 

Updated 2:02 PM; Today 1:51 PM 
Deshaun Watson

Former NFL general manager Mike Tannenbaum thinks the New England Patriots are the favorite to land Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)


The Houston Texans remain steadfast in their claim that they will not trade quarterback Deshaun Watson. However, if they do change their mind and deal the three-time Pro Bowl player, one former NFL general manager believes the New England Patriotswill be the team that acquires Watson.

Speaking on ESPN’s Get Up Wednesday, former New York Jetsgeneral manager and Miami Dolphins executive vice president of football operations Mike Tannenbaum said the Patriots would be driven to get Watson and do what was necessary to be a winning franchise once again, even taking them back to the Super Bowl.

“New England Patriots, we’re going to get Deshaun Watson,” Tannenbaum said via NESN. “Nick Caserio just came from the Patriots, and they know each other well. If I get Deshaun Watson — with all those other opt-outs coming back — I’m going to go to the Super Bowl. I’m gonna go beat the Kansas City Chiefs. Bill Belichick is a great competitor, he’ll do whatever it takes. We get Deshaun Watson, we’re back in the Super Bowl. New England, Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl next year in LA. Talk about a can’t-miss game.”

The Patriots finished the season with a 7-9 record and have questions surrounding their quarterback position. Cam Newton, who started 15 games for the Patriots last season, threw for 2,657 yards, eight touchdowns, and 10 interceptions. Newton is scheduled to become a free agent, and the Patriots could look to go in a different direction.


Watson, who led the league in passing yards last season (4,823), would instantly become an upgrade at the position and make the Patriots contenders in the suddenly tough AFC East. Watson has asked for a trade, and several teams such as the Jets could be interested in working out a deal.

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I truly believe  this is what the Texans will use to decide where Watson goes at this point. Apparently  it's  also what every reporter is using as well. 

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28 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

This is a bad headline. Nowhere did Tannenbaum say the Pats were “the favorite.” He just threw out a stupid hot take suggesting the Pats “should” trade for Watson. You should ban @joewilly12 for the spam, @Smizzy

Contact the dude who wrote the article. I only copy and pasted it for views. 

No one wanted to hire you to shovel snow today? 

By Chris Franklin | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

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1 minute ago, FidelioJet said:

It just feels like we’ve a bunch of cowards, afraid of their own shadow since him.  Let’s have a GM with some balz.  
I guess it’s more of indictment of the guys since him than it is a defense of him. 

I can agree.... But it looks like this is becoming a trolling thread so I'm really not supposed to. 

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5 hours ago, dbatesman said:

This isn't a "rumor." It's clickbait ESPN horsesh*t. You really don't have to post every single one of these that pops across your screen.

Yea I don't see it either. Players are actively loving being away from the "Patriot way" - Brady, Gronk, Brown. I don't know if that would be where Watson wants to go. I mean, I guess if it were one of his only options than he'd take it.

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