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15 minutes ago, RutgersJetFan said:

I’m a little confused because I always thought that catching the football was kind of the point of the job

Absolutely.  But making the best possible decision as often as possible is the point of the QB's job, too.  When he already had a terrible INT to start the game, he doesn't get the benefit of the doubt there.  Throwing to Davis was very clearly not his best option on the play.

It was like when Mark Sanchez or Darnold would throw 3 picks and people would blame anyone but Sanchez/Darnold on 2 of them.  Like, who cares?  At some point, when a QB throws a bunch of picks, he's clearly not making good decisions. 

This is the NFL in 2021 we're talking about.  QB's are setting records left and right and some of them aren't even really throwing INT's any more.  To throw TWO in your first 2 possessions?  Unacceptable, even for a QB making his 2nd start and against Bill Belichick.  

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1 minute ago, hawk said:

I agree on the route.  The throw on the inside shoulder is the proper placement on the route.  

I’m just saying it looked designed otherwise, angle of the route and throw….as if there was suppose to be a S over the top per whatever they saw pre snap…not to get weird over it but….just being fair. Don’t like the design maybe but it looked executed right 

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17 minutes ago, PS17 said:

At least the run game looks much better. OL is opening some decent holes. For God’s sake, give Wilson some easy passes to get his confidence up. 

In the NFL in 2021, 65+ % of your throws should be easy, every game.

Defense really isn't a thing anymore and yet our QB's somehow find the other team's DB's, consistently.  

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