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1 minute ago, Copernicus said:

This place is becoming ridiculous. Yeah, the rookie QB with back ups at all positions with drops all over the place is really sucking in a 3-3 game. If Zach sucks how is Trevor Lawrence who hasnt thown a TD since Halloween? . 

This is based on the assumption that you're automatically a better NFL QB if you played in the ACC vs Mountain West. Doesn't work like that. It's possible they're both trash.

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2 minutes ago, HighPitch said:

Ok so you guys are convinced that zach sucks.

ok. So then do you support drafting a qb for shtz n gigglz say round 2/3?

Because NOBODY here talks about that. Nobody in the draft forum suggests it. Odd

Draft a QB every year until you find the one you like. 

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1 minute ago, Fantasy Island said:

Zach is a bust .  Now we have to draft the kid out of Pittsburg.  Good thing we have two 1's.

Kenny Pickett from ocean township nj!!

he went from a potential 6th rd pick last year to a first rd pick this year. Kind of a 1 year wonder but I hope he does good. But I wouldn’t touch him

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5 minutes ago, HawkeyeJet said:

I don’t know either.  Probably not.  The only way I think is that you eventually trust that you aren’t getting to get hit. Which he currently doesn’t even though he’s been protected pretty good recently and especially today.

That’s what concerning, he’s getting some nice pockets today.

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3 minutes ago, hawk said:

He literally slid when the defender was 10 yards to his right, he could have easily bounced to the outside and still avoided contact while gaining significant more yardage.

He looked like a coward and then an idiot.

Yep coward and idiot after the best play of the game for 30 yards. 

Seems legit. 

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