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So, does Jermaine Johnson suck?


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I said on draft day I thought this was a terrible pick and there was a reason that teams let him slide (and the Jets should have kept letting him slide).

Now he’s not even active for big games like the Patriots and Saleh said it’s partly due to “football” reasons.

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He doesn't suck and the reason he was out was documented.


It does show that this scheme though improved still gives too few snaps to their guys due to over rotation.  Thus you have to wonder if it is worth it for you to let the coach talk you into trading up for such players?

If I am Douglas I am thinking, Saleh talked me into trading up for JJ o draft day ad I was happy to do so.  He gets like 25% of the snaps or some such thing.

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I think it is feasible that JJ is a big part of the defensive plan this week. His skill set may be very valuable in limiting Josh Allen running the ball. It's also feasible that the "football reason" JJ was kept out last week was that they had their eyes on this game and wanted to be sure JJ was, you know, 110%.

No let's go get a Pepsi Zero Sugar Rookie of the Week for JJ.

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16 minutes ago, FootballLove said:

Episode 4 of Joe Douglas making frenzied phone calls was so great! I'm kinda glad Joe got shot down when he was calling with the draft around the 15th spot. Then 16. Then 17. Really good episode....then Joe gives Thumbs Up and Ulbrich and crew come running into the room.

You're telling me he tried to draft JJ at 15?

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