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13 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

If you check my post from Thursday when we found out about the wind... I predicted the Zach haters coming out of the woodwork, the game being on OL/RBs and Lafleur ... And ...

I was not wrong.

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Every week is a new excuse.  Good defense, wind, injuries to the OL, etc.  If our QB can't ever come through (other than as a passenger) in difficult circumstances then what is he exactly?

And I haven't given up on him.  But I'm definitely not sold on him.  

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Just now, Integrity28 said:

I’m going to be honest.

The Pats D is not good at defending the TE, ours are not being targeted.

The Pats D is great stoping the run up the middle, that’s the only place we’re running it.

The Pats D is very vulnerable in the edge to fast RBs and Mobile QBs, and we’re not attacking the edge at all.

I have major grievances with our game plan today. It’s only amplified by Zach being horrid. No recognition + horrifically bad throws on routine plays.

This is all on our offense, again.

Our QB and OC are terrible right now. Zach just can't execute the QB position and LaFleur keeping with the run game strategy is asinine. 

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Just now, BornJetsFan1983 said:

Well you are right guy been open all day and he misses them or doesn't see them.  But I think you might have an idea of what passes Zach is most comfortable with and stick to that type. Now it is possible that that is what is already happening...but agghhgggg this sucks 

He has not shown to be comfortable with anything 

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