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    • Dynamic Duo: Can Marshall and Decker Repeat?
      And Toon and Walker were a long fvcking time ago, it was pretty evident in my post. Work fvcking with me here, or shut your fvcking cvnt up. 
    • Is OL depth worse than we thought?
      Two points I would like to make.   One  the  Jets offense line doesn't need just Ryan Clady staying healthy, but the Jets need him playing at 2013 version.( pre lis- franc injury level)  Ryan Clady played in all 16 games in 2014, but wasn't any where close to the same player he  once was. ( he was voted to the probowl more off reputation than ability that year). hopefully for your sake, Clady moving much better than 2014 version. Second just because the Jet offense line was good against some bad pass defense( soft schedule) last season .   Keeping the status quo on the offense line ( only really Clady different) doesn't guarantee it will be the same against better defenses/ teams they will face this year.( tougher schedule). without a doubt behind quarterback, the Jets offense line has to be the biggest question mark for the Jets offense.( they clearly have some serious weapons on offense , but to get the most out of their ability,  they need the Qb, and the offense line doing their part.( ineffective play from either one of those areas could take away the Jets advantage they have at the skill positions.
    • GD, I love this F&CKING TEAM!!!!
      Enjoy your Newcastle while you can. The TV told me that the UK is now a post apocalyptic wasteland. Good news for the Jaguars is the games at Wembley will now have more of a hometown feel.
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