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The Big "Jamal Officially asks to be traded" Thread


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1 hour ago, slats said:

He's a box safety. I'd trade him to the Cheats for the right price. 

I would rather not have to deal with him twice a year.  It would be a very Jetsie thing to do to trade him within the division.  

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2 hours ago, Jets723 said:

Honestly we don’t even know if Dallas  was willing to trade that much for him 

That is true.  That was what folks talked about but you are right.  There is no way of knowing if that was ever on the table.  

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A small elephant in the room here is how you even value the compensation. If there is no 2020 season I'm curious how you'd even value 2021 picks, and with players it gets more complicated. The reason it makes sense to ask for a player is because in theory you want good players that are still on rookie deals. If there is no season that gets devalued significantly.

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37 minutes ago, choon328 said:

Jamal has 3 more controllable years and Yannick realistically has 1. That's the biggest difference

I won’t argue too push who’s better. It’s reasonable to think Yannick is more impactful all else equal. 

But a deal of Adams and Yannick straight up doesn’t make sense for the Jets giving they’re situations. And Yannick is looking for $20 million a year. I wouldn’t pay that much if he were a free agent. These edge guys are too expensive. It’s gone beyond the value they bring to the field. 

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21 minutes ago, DoubleDown said:

I'm sticking with 2 first round picks.  It does depend on the team making the trade and where you anticipate them picking though.

He was drafted #6 overall and has proven worthy of the selection.  He is a player going into his prime.  He can request trades all he likes but the Jets own his rights for 3 or 4 years, with 2 of those years being at a very team friendly price.  He has no leverage and neither does a team that is trading for him.

Player for player trades rarely happen in the NFL, and I think Joe Douglas is more interested in draft picks honestly.

I think Jamal Adams' value is very underrated on this board.  I would expect him to fetch similar compensation to the Jalen Ramsey trade.

Ramsey is a legit #1 CB(and even then most people said the Rams overpaid).

Adams is a S, and not even the type of S that is a complete game changer like an Ed Reed.


I think Adams' value is extraordinarily overrated on this board. If you can get a 1 and something more for Adams you RUN and take it.

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Jesus...we don't need 45 Jamal stories on the front page of the site so just gonna' do a thrad on this story that just broke.  Jamal apparently would like to go to Tampa Bay in a trade.  



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13 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

Don't agree with the whiny phony because the dude backs up his talk, but I agree with the idea of extending him into a 5th year just so he sees the writing on the wall.

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I’m not denying his skill as a player, but from day 1 he called himself a leader and said he was here to change the culture. Now he says he’s willing to wait on a contract if he gets sent to a ready made SB contender. He’s the opposite of a leader

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7 minutes ago, Team archer said:

I dont think brady would let any offensive pieces go except maybe howard but even then i doubt it

It won't be up to Brady.  The Bucs currently have less than $5M in cap space, and all of the following guys are scheduled for free agency (projected $63M cap space in 2021):

  • Godwin
  • LB Shaq Barrett
  • LB Lavonte David
  • DT Ndamukong Suh
  • S Justin Evans
  • TE Rob Gronkowski
  • QB Blaine Gabbert
  • DT Rakeem Nunez-Roches
  • G/RT Joe Haeg

All of those are either starters or key backups/rotational pieces.

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9 minutes ago, Skeet Ulrich said:

Trade him to the Bucs I guarantee they win the SB.

Can you imagine the sh*t sandwich watching Brady, Bowles and Adams on the podium getting the Lombardi?

I say bring it on then!  I'm almost numb to the pain my sports teams bring me (Mets/Jets/Knicks/Rangers though I now consider the Rangers to be an exception) so at least this might get me to feel something.

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