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### NY Jets 2020 Season Opener vs Bills ### - The Official Game Thread


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Just now, pdxgreen said:

Go after Chris Petersen.  Great coach who got sick of recruiting and walked away from UW.  Very adaptive offenses.  Great defensive coach.  Team will be absolutely shell shocked and moral in the toilet  Petersen is 100 coach, 0 BS.

Not happening. Jets hired a GM the eagles were going to fire and the guy the Dolphins fired. A big splash for a real football person is not in the works

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The salary cap - not to mention free agency - insures a level playing field.

And we’re down 21-0 early week 1  

Either Gase and/or Joe D suck ass. 

*Any* competent regime is at least somewhat competitive after one full off season. It’s utter excuses to say it’s all Macy’s fault. 

This is a damning indictment of Gase and/or Joe D. Period. 

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1 minute ago, Chrebetfan80 said:

lol sam is shot. Not saying he cant turn his season around and be a good qb.  but he's still in year 3 making the exact same mistakes he's been making his entire career.  

bu bu bu bu he played catch with Jordan Palmer in teh offseason...

nice kid. real nice kid. very flawed player.

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