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Just now, Mogglez said:

That watching football with the mindset that we’re the best team in football when we win and the organization should be banished into the shadow realm when we lose is not something that winning magically cures.

53 years of it?


Nothing BUT winning fixes it.

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Press conference, 

We had a great week of practice

The guys really worked their tails off, 

we have grown men in the room

it’s all about execution, and if one guy doesn’t execute then we all look bad

We will get back to work for the next game

We’re closer than you guys realize

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1 minute ago, Zachtomims47 said:

My expectations are realistic. 

The defense is patchwork with only about 2 above average players. But fans get upset when they’re getting pushed around. No sht. 


I mean these are nfl players man. 1 stop in 3 quarters? We’re playing a 3 win team heading into tonight.

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4 minutes ago, shuler82 said:

the defense is complete sh*t. They played with heart vs Tennessee and looked okay in spurts early this season, but since London they've been horrible. And this is a defensive coaching staff.  You want to defend them by attacking hyperbole on a fan forum? Be my guest. But they still suck and coaching is to blame. 

They were never not going to suck.

This year was never about going to the playoffs or being a dominant defensive team. It was about developing young talent, knowing there would be serious lumps.  If anyone else expected differently, it’s because their brains were as smooth as an egg shell.

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