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I don’t want to sound harsh but if you don’t love this draft then you don’t deserve a penis.

Such a strange feeling when the Jets keep picking the players I want them to

The rest of the league is going to feel really stupid when they realize there aren't any DBs left for them to have!

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Pre-Draft Analysis

Sherwood is a big, strong safety who spent a high percentage of snaps inside the box or working as the overhang covering flexed-out tight ends. He's an above-average run defender with good strength and long arms. He's physical, and his length is an asset in coverage, but he has just marginal top-end speed. -- Steve Muench

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5 minutes ago, undertow said:

dude im not upset about anything stop taking everything so seriously...learn to laugh.  this is the area you wanna trade down at....not when theres premium picks on the board.

I’m just kidding relax 😂 

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1 minute ago, Untouchable said:

Jets might see Sherwood as more of a WLB than a safety.

Exactly.  I don't like him as a safety, but he has that S/LB tweener size, so the Jets might see him as a WLB.

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