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Would you trade Zach for Watson?

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Watson is toxic, anyone trading for him deserves all the legal nonsense that comes

Not a chance. Finally changing culture around here. Don’t need him and all his baggage.

More likely that the Pats trade Mac Jones for him - Watson seems like Bob Kraft's kind of guy.

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2 minutes ago, Lurker89 said:

Ugggh .... Haven't logged in in a while and this is the first thing I see .. ...


I'm personally a no but news of him not being suspended will probably make this a less popular view than I'd hope.

I hearya man- but it’s an interesting thought. Especially if Miami is the front runner to get him, Watson still young only 26. I’d personally prob stick with Zach

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1 hour ago, Rhg1084 said:

Looks like Watson won’t be suspended and rumors are he’s gonna be moved soon. Seems like Miami is a hot target right now. So would you trade Zach for Watson straight up right now? 


Now you bring this up.

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37 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

Zach Wilson is a superior prospect then watson.  Joe D wouldnt even consider it.

Watson isn't a prospect, you dweeb. He's an elite NFl QB. I wouldn't make the trade because Watson is also an elite dirtbag

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Before the news broke that Watson was not what he appended to be I probably would have made the trade.

Now I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.  If the NFL doesn't suspend Watson this year it's only because they don't want to become a part of the case.  Claims that if they suspend him they'll influence the outcome of the case.

IMO once the court cases start to become resolved the NFL will come down on Watson hard.

Nope, wouldn't touch that.

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2 hours ago, Mo Lew said:

Essentially trading a single #1 for Watson in a lafleur offense. 

I’d do it. 

Watson would come here to a pretty solid offense around him with a lot of weapons and a very solid line.   He d light it up like Maholmes here.   I really like Zac and I like the extra cap space we get on his first contract.  But if Watson isn’t at risk for suspension, I’d make that trade in a sec.  The fact that we have a bunch of extra high picks in the next few drafts, will allow us to bring in a steady influx of new cheaper replacements.

Getting Watson for this team would make us a co favorite with Buffalo for the division

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1 hour ago, flgreen said:

IMO once the court cases start to become resolved the NFL will come down on Watson hard.

Reportedly he'd enjoy that.


But yeah, Watson is top 3 imo. If he's not going to be suspended this year, and may only get a few games next year...  I wouldn't be upset with the trade.


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