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1 minute ago, Mogglez said:

So is Max Mitchell, a rookie.  

Fant said he wants to play LT because he’s more comfortable there.

Fant b*tched about not getting extended because he thinks he’s one of the best in the league.

Well it’s looking more and more like last year was a mirage.

Dude has been jerked back and forth from right to left because Douglas made bets on fat cripples and aspiring retirees. 

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1 minute ago, #27TheDominator said:

I think what we have seen from the D.  They look fast and swarming.  This is what we were promised.  That being said, let's not read too too much into this.  It is raining pretty hard and there were misses of a few catchable balls on their side that were missed as well.  The Ravens also do not have such a great WR group and we may look much worse chasing Waddle and Tyreek around than these characters.

I mean it’s ok just to be happy without saying “let’s not read too much into this”.  We have a lot of good young talent on D 

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1 minute ago, Smashmouth said:

If we don't remove Flacco we will lose a very winnable game. He's not decisive in the face of a rush he can't move. OL has settled down but Flacco is just not the guy for a WCO. 

Defense looks like its the real deal

If nothing else the concern is qb play. Defense may be a little worse than looks but the the qb play is dog $h!t

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Just now, ElBarrioJets said:

I think everyone would have signed up for 10-3 at the half. 

The Jets don't look like a bunch of jackasses out there. Vast improvement. 

The issue last year was 1/2 time adjustments. Harbaugh has lasted as long as he has because he’s always maintained a CS that made 1/2 time adjustments to consistently win despite staff turnover through the years. 

2nd half we’ll see if Jets and defense are legit or get blown out once a competent CS can now adjust to what the jets have shown as their actual offense and defense. 

my concern: defense tire out and ravens kill is when we blitz 

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6 minutes ago, doitny said:

its the weather. the drops, the INT was because Cager slipped. the fumbles cause the ball is slick. 

and the OL sucks.

im sure this board is killing Flacco but i dont see it as his fault.

Exactly. Majority never wanted him to start so they’re extra critical of him. I bet if this was Mike White they wouldn’t be as critical. It’s not like Lamar Jackson is lighting it up either. 

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2 minutes ago, Jets723 said:

Agreed.  Look Flacco is nothing close to what he was(not that he was every great or anything) but you can’t blame him for the oline getting destroyed almost every snap, Davis and Conklin dropping first downs, etc.  Also I have nothing against  Mike White but I dint understand all the praise he is getting.  He literally had one good game where the Be gals either admittedly didn’t show up and if you take away that game he was horrendous 

How many yards did he throw for against Buffalo?  What was his TD to drive ratio against Indy? 

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Just now, undertow said:

Good news is all of these young players look legit....bad news is I still don't think we have a coach or QB.

I mean we have a QB… he’s just not in today.  As for Daley that’s fair I’m still not sold on him becoming a good head coach.  I don’t want to keep hiring/firing coaches every 2 years though 

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