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BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

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Ladies and Gentlemen RELAX Adam Gase is not that bad of a HC he will do well with Darnold he's young energetic and had some success in Miami with a very bad team.  He's 1000x better than Todd Bow

Boom! Called it   

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Just now, JetsFanatic said:

Can we give him a shot before acting like assholes?? He's a good good coach with a short fuse. Maybe this team needs this.

So we have you on record as being highly in favour of him, that is good to know. 

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Just now, IndianaJet said:

Hahahahaha....bye bye snowflakes.  Go find another team to root for!

For the record....I'm not thrilled with Gase at all.....but I'm not gonna have a snowflake hissy fit.


So you are in the I'm right no matter what crowd?  If he is a fail it is 'I was not in favor of it.'  If he does well 'I was on his side!'  Fence sitter.

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