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BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

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Just now, IndianaJet said:

Hahahahaha....bye bye snowflakes.  Go find another team to root for!

For the record....I'm not thrilled with Gase at all.....but I'm not gonna have a snowflake hissy fit.


So you are in the I'm right no matter what crowd?  If he is a fail it is 'I was not in favor of it.'  If he does well 'I was on his side!'  Fence sitter.

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Can’t wait to hear everyone change their stances again and be really happy with this. Personally, I don’t mind.

Whatever happens happens at this point. No sense in hope when you can’t have faith in this organization. Let players/coaches give you a reason for hope first (like Sam for example).

I don’t give a flying f*ck about empty promises and all that BS. Show me some goddamm progress and a plan and then maybe I’ll get excited again.

Even if we hired whoever the majority wanted, who would have cared? It means nothing until they prove something to the fans. I wouldn’t hold my breath either way. God speed Sam. 

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