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Great! Were really gonna stop that run! Lets go, 1989!!!!

Welcome to the Jets. Let’s goooooo!!!!

Gregg Williams has been at this sh*t for a long time.  He likes the pick, I like the pick.  Go Q!!!!!

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lets see how the d coord Williams game plans we could be moving to a 4/3 more then a 3/4 if so it make sense. Allen seem to get by an athletic ability so nothing bad but this kid was arguable the best player in the draft a safe pick but at this point we dont need to gamble

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They have to trade Leonard Williams as soon as possible, or literally it's a repetition of the same idiotic nonsense and prove they learned literally nothing when they took Leo, still kept Wilkerson and Richardson anyway, and had the whole thing blow up in their face so horrifically badly, that they ending up blowing tons of money, get little in return and before you know it, still feel the need to burn more high picks on the same non-premium position over and over again.

This is the bullsh*t we get for the Johnson brothers being so stupid as retain the league's worst GM.

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We'll finally maximize Leonard's talents in the meantime. This year will be a referendum on Leonard. If he plays well with Quinnen next to him, all his supporters will say, "I told you so". I'm one of them. If he's still the same ho hum player he always was? The criticism will get extremely LOUD and Williams will soon be gone.

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I do as well. But God damn. He may have been the best guy in the draft. I wanted a trade down but apparently the guys in the room said no to whatever may have been offered. And I'm leaving it up to our stud DC to make that call. We can all bust his nuts if it doesn't work out but let's give him the benefit of the doubt right now.

Boy I hope Greg Williams knows what the hell he is doing!

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